Cambridge Finance Competition

We know that our specialist courses make a difference in young people’s career in property and it is our pleasure to support CREation members to reach their full potential!
— Maria Weidner, Founder of Cambridge Finance

Last Thursday we at CREation were overjoyed to announce the winner of the Cambridge Finance competition, Holly Brown of Cushman & Wakefield. Holly impressed the judges at Cambridge Finance with her thought piece on cryptocurrency and property, alongside her passion for the course and experience in the real estate industry. Holly will receive a two day fully funded scholarship on the flagship financial modelling course (stay tuned for a write up of the course experience).

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We were blown away by the calibre of submissions and excited to see applicants from different businesses, so thank you to everyone who took the time to apply. Below is a breakdown of the companies that were represented in our applications. 

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In fact, the judges were so impressed by the obvious effort that had been undertaken, that Cambridge Finance felt that they could not only choose one runner up and winner, rather some applications were worthy of partial scholarships. Sam Evison was awarded a 50% scholarship and Grace Agnew and Robert Egan have both received 30% scholarships. This is fantastic news as ultimately CREation’s goal is to aid young people in their career progression and Cambridge Finance have only brought us closer to this goal.

Following news of her achievement, we spoke to Holly about what pushed her to apply for this opportunity.


Hi Holly, congratulations on your fantastic winning application. Could you explain what motivated your submission for the place on the finance course?

I wished to apply for the course scholarship as I saw it as a great opportunity to learn and develop a skill that is widely recognised as integral to a successful career in Real Estate investment.  


Brilliant, so what do you hope to learn on the course?

I hope to gain a greater understanding of how to structure a financial model from inception, how to approach constructing models in a more methodical and efficient manner as well as learn how to carry out risk versus return analysis. Additionally, I hope to gain a greater insight into key influences to the outputs of financial model and take the skills I develop forward with me into practice in the future.


What are you most excited about in the property industry?

I am excited to see how, in times of uncertainty, advisory firms such as Cushman & Wakefield adapt to pressures, such as technology, that will not only threaten traditional real estate space but also the role of surveyors and advisors.


Obviously, one of our goals is to aid the building of connections and career progression, what do you as a young professional, think of the current state of networking in the property industry, especially for young people?

Although there are widespread opportunities for networking in the property industry, before CREation was born there were not a great deal of events targeting a young audience. By acknowledging the wishes of young surveyors, creating an informal, approachable and open environment for strong influencers to discuss current topics set to disrupt the industry, CREation is set to transform young networking in the property industry.


And finally, why do you think is it important for more young professionals, especially women, to continue to expand their skills and aim for more in their career?

It is important for young professionals to expand their skills and aim for more in their careers as industries change very quickly through evolution and technological disruption. Women need to be able to build their knowledge and skill bank to provide flexibility for themselves and their employer!


Thank you and well done Holly!


We once again want to say congratulations to all our competition winners and thank you to all who took the time to apply for this special opportunity. We would also like to thank Cambridge Finance for their generous support of young professionals through their provision of the scholarship prizes.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next post, where we will discuss the implications of cryptocurrency and block chain on the property and real estate industry.


Harri John