CREation at International Woman’s Day


International Women’s day is such an integral part to the movement towards equality within the workplace, praising and honouring women everywhere who create, innoviate and grow and the companies and Men that support them to do so, a cause that we champion at every opportunity. It is safe to say that when CREation were asked to attend and showcase at a networking fare hosted by Cushman & Wakefield on March 8th in the name of International Woman’s day, we were delighted. Delighted to assist but also delighted that our passion for increasing the opportunities available for both men and women was recognised enough for us to receive the invite.

One thing we hold dear, and ensure is at the centre of everything we do, is Collaboration. Collaboration between people, disciplines and networks. The only way you will make a positive change in the industry is through working together to promote inclusion.

We are very proud to have a London committee formed of both men and women who are passionate about creating opportunities for others and of our 6 committee members, 4 are female, and we all work hard together to be positive influencers of change. It is great to see such a balance of representation in the younger ranks of our industry, and being able to replicate that in our committee.

Having organisations like us, supporting both men and women at the start of their career, helping them start to build their own connections as they take their first steps in this divers industry is a very important tool and will only aid further diversity as these individuals grow and progress.

‘I am privileged to have grown up surrounded by strong and independent women who have taught me to be myself, work hard and that nothing is out of my reach if I believe in myself. They listened to my views, giving me the confidence to speak up and taught me the importance of listening to others. I learn so much from the people in my life it is an honour for Rosanna and I to now be in a position where we can shape our own conversations and be positive role models’ Co-Founder Harri John said.

Co-Founder Rosanna Lawn says: ‘Inspiring women are everywhere. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by people who inspire me everyday. These people, my close friends, colleagues and family, are my role models. ‘Ordinary people’ making huge changes and positively impacting many lives. There are many great women in the media but there are many more in your every day life.’

Harri John