Freddie Case, WeWork

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Position: UK Manager for Broker and Real Estate Partnerships

Company: WeWork

1. Briefly describe how you first entered the property industry and describe your career journey to your current position.

I was lucky enough to be referred by a recruitment agency, for a role as a business account manager at a Serviced Office Broker based in London called Flexioffices. This was my entry into the property industry and taught me a wealth of knowledge, particularly in the sales cycle. My particular focus was in London and I found the development of buildings across the capital fascinating - sourcing clients and finding them short term office solutions led me to the some of the nicest spaces in the market. Working hard and a genuine passion in the property industry resulted in various promotions, with my final role at Flexioffices being the sales manager.

2. In your opinion, what is an important development or theme that will shape the future of the property industry?

I believe that the most important development in the property industry right now is what we are doing here at WeWork. Offering not only startups and small businesses but huge blue chip companies as well, an opportunity to work within a genuine community which helps you grow. I think the property industry still has these traditional ways, where sourcing space involves wearing a nice suit and being tied into somewhere for a minimum of 5 years, but WeWork and various other serviced office models offer short term spaces giving your business confidence to expand at your own pace. WeWork differentiates from other serviced office models because of our community. Our 155,000 collaborative community is still growing and use of our app and events, gives you access to this. I think developing an understanding that that new innovative and exciting workspaces, and design led spaces with a fun culture is where the industry is growing - I am lucky enough to be part of WeWork who are leading this charge.

3. What do you wish someone had told you at the start of your career?

I think the one thing I wish someone had told me at the beginning of my career is to relax. I put a lot of pressure on myself thinking that being young will stop me from ever getting anywhere, because everyone around me in a position of power was much much older. However, working hard and being enthusiastic about the industry did get me higher up in my company and I would say to anyone starting out - relax, find what you love doing and keep doing it. The other thing I wish i knew the importance of when starting out - is the importance of relationships. I think in any industry, especially property, relationships get you everywhere. Being a good person, being kind and supportive goes a long way and relationships you create through your work will carry you through so never forget anyone that was good to you.


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