Juliette Morgan, British Land

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2017 is over and we have officially stepped into the unknown waters of 2018!

To kick of this year the right way, we speak to Juliette Morgan, a woman with a drool-inducing list of achievements who also happens to be a speaker at our January event. Juliette is an incredible industry expert who has worked in property for 15 years, specialising in the technology and biotech sectors (she also speaks regularly at events and writes for the Estates Gazette). So defog your glasses and clear your mind for the next few minutes as we step into her shoes.

Hi Juliette, thank you for being our first post of 2018! Could you quickly describe your career journey to us?

I started my career on Cambridge Science Park where I opened a co-working space, as well as attracting internationally significant tenants to the park. I then had the opportunity to work in New York and Toronto, developing social spaces in large developments. On returning to the UK, I was recommended to the British Government to lead the development and property strategy for Tech City, where I worked with Hackney Council to develop the Tech City showcase during the Olympics. I continued to act as Advisor to No.10, GLA, Tech City, property developers and investors to promote property used by tech companies. Most recently, I acted as the London lead for Cushman & Wakefield’s Global Technology Practice where I led the development of PiLabs- Europe’s first Proptech accelerator. In 2017, I joined British Land to lead the strategic asset management of Regent’s Place, one of British Land’s three lifestyle campuses in London.

Wow. That is a career that most of us can aspire to. So, what are you most excited about in the property industry right now?

I am passionate about technological trends affecting property and focus on the future of the industry. We’re really looking into how new technology is shaping real estate and property and what this means for the future.

We think technology in property might be a theme for 2018...

You've achieved so much in your career already but if you had a time machine and could tell yourself one thing before starting out what would it be?

Worry less! Honestly, there is so much pressure on those just starting out, however it is important to worry less, let go and have fun.

In that vein, how do you let go and have fun, when not leading the future of tech in property of course?

I can occasionally be found winemaking or attending circus school!

Thank you to Juliette Morgan for kindly talking to us despite her busy schedule! You will have the opportunity to hear Juliette speak in person at our first London event January 25th (plenty of time to brush up on your tech knowledge between now and then).



Harri John