Sean Brew, Lambert Smith Hampton


It's the beginning of a four day week, and what better way to celebrate than an inspiring individual. Our interview this week is with Sean Brew, the Regional Director (London) of Lambert Smith Hampton! Read on to find out the importance of having an open mind and what Sean feels is an important theme that will shape the future of the property industry.

Hi Sean, a huge thank you for speaking us today. To start off, could you briefly detail your career journey from the start to where you are today.

I joined a business called St Quintin as a Graduate in 1988. St Quintin is now part of CBRE but was a great place to start and many long standing friendships were developed! I worked across a couple of divisions before qualifying. I then moved to DTZ in 1993 where I developed a career in Property & Asset Management. In 2011 I joined LSH initially to lead the National Property & Asset Management team and I currently run our London business based in the West End.

What advice would you give to a young person starting their career in the industry?

Have an open mind! Many people join the industry with a pre conception as to what they are
either good at or where they believe they will earn most money; their preconceptions are
sometimes wrong. Our industry is incredibly diverse and find something that you enjoy and
find stimulating. There is nothing wrong taking some time to find that niche. A career lasts
many decades so don’t feel a need to jump into and stick with something that is not right for
you. A job becomes a hobby if you love it!

In your opinion, what is an important development or theme that will shape the future of the property industry?

The implications of real estate and the effect on the environment is - & will continue to
become - increasingly important to all stakeholders whether they be property investors,
occupiers or members of the public perhaps visiting a shopping centre. Our industry is a
major influencer on the environment and legislation backed by social trends will continue to
grow and shape how we build, occupy and manage commercial property.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Sean!

Harri John