Michael Wiseman, British Land



What better way to commemorate our newest Collaborator Partner than to speak to Mike Wiseman who is head of Office Leasing, today we get to hear more about Mike's journey to his current position as well as some useful advice that he would give to a young person just starting out in the property industry.


British Land are one of the largest property development and investment companies in the UK. As a leading UK commercial property company, they own and manage a total of 25 million sq ft of floor space with £17.7bn worth of assets under direct ownership and £18.2bn of assets currently under management. Here at CREation HQ, we are so pleased to have British Land's support and involvement, and we look forward to the opportunities that this partnership will hold for our members.


Thanks for taking the time to speak to us today Mike, could you start by briefly describing your entrance to the property industry and the journey you have made to your current position.

I started my career at Knight Frank and spent two years on the graduate scheme there getting some great broad experience, before leaving to follow my passion for development by joining a small developer called Oak Holdings. After time there and at ING Real Estate Development, I moved to British Land 7 ½ years ago. Working as a development director focused on our Central London mixed use portfolio, I was incredibly lucky to spend almost 6 years working with great teams on some of the most exciting schemes in London, including at Broadgate and Blossom Street, before making the move to lead our office leasing team in 2016.


What is one thing that you always do before a meeting?


It seems obvious, but too often people don’t. Who are you meeting? Why are you meeting them? What do you want out of the meeting and what do you want them to get out of the meeting?

People’s time is valuable and we all appreciate those that recognise that. This is important no matter what level you are at, but when starting out in your career a few minutes spent thinking about how you will approach a meeting and being clear on the points you want to make, particularly when meeting someone senior, will help you maximise the opportunity and may set you apart from others.


What advice would you give to a young person starting their career in the industry?

Take what opportunities you can to broaden your experience. It can be tempting early on to focus on developing one area of specialism, but broader exposure both across the industry and outside of it can really help in your development. This experience of working on different subjects and with people with completely different skill sets helps you approach problems in new ways and can make you more flexible and adaptable, which are key skills in today’s workplace.


Thanks Mike!

We look forward to hearing more from you soon.

Harri John