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This week we are excited to introduce you to our latest inspiring individual Greg Miley, the Director of Broker and Real Estate Partnerships for Europe, Israel & Australia at WeWork. Those that attended our London launch event will recognise Greg as one of our wonderful speakers from the evening, and for those that unfortunately couldn't attend we hope that you find Greg's talk on all things property, football and USA as interesting as we do! Greg talks to us about his unique entrance into the industry, the importance of establishing a good personal and professional network and his thoughts on the future of the property industry.


Hi Greg, we are very excited to be talking with you today. To start off, could you tell us a about your career journey and how you got to where you are today?

Both my entry to the industry and the progression within it, has all been a testament to my personal and professional network. I spent my early adult career playing professional football in the US, which of course was great fun and a dream come true. However, the time came where I really needed to decide where I wanted to set up my life and actually what I wanted to do with it. Coming back to England I had really nothing in terms of real workplace experience, but what I did have was a great network. Upon recommendation of 2 close friends, I came into my first role within the Real Estate Industry at Flexioffices, where I was able to hone my craft and progress into various roles including managing various sales teams.

Years later I found myself, again on recommendation of close friend,  entering into a new role at The Instant Group, managing partnerships globally, which again was a fantastic opportunity. After gaining years of experience across all facets of the industry, the perfect opportunity then revealed itself and again, being recommended by a close friend and colleague, it was a smooth and enjoyable process…and here I am!

My professional network played a key role in my journey, along with hard work of course, and I could not be more grateful to those involved at every stage of my career.


Fantastic, that really does emphasise the importance of establishing a strong professional network! It sounds like you have had the opportunity to work in some very interesting roles, so why did you chose to join WeWork and what does your current role entail?

I joined WeWork because I could not think of a better place to create my life’s work. The tenacious and entrepreneurial nature of the business makes it such an exciting and empowering place to be. We also have a strong sense of togetherness and collaboration, so joining WeWork was more like joining a family than a new company. I oversee the Channel Partnerships for WeWork across Europe, Israel and Australia, ensuring that through our broker, agent and real estate partners we are being introduced to as many new potential members as possible.  


I agree, WeWork is really leading the way and representing a new age of entrepreneurship and collaboration. In line with this, what do you feel is an important development or theme that will shape the future of the property industry?

The development of technology in the workplace, is of course going to shape the future of member/user experience, along with providing enhanced layers of connectivity between people and space.

Another important development that will shape the future of the property, is the people and the focus on real human interaction and collaboration between businesses and people.


And finally, how would you describe the current property industry in three words?

Evolving, Exciting, Collaborative


Thank you so much again Greg for taking the time to speak with us and share your experience in the industry. We look forward to hearing more from you at our Manchester Launch Event on 28th March!

Tickets are now available online for our Manchester Launch Party, which will be held at WeWork's offices in No1 Spinningfields.

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Harri John