Here's a bit about who we are!  



Harri John

I joined Cushman & Wakefield in September 2016 after studying BSc Real Estate Management at Oxford Brookes. At University I was involved with the Women in Property Student Awards and was granted free membership of the organisation for a year.

I have therefore been able to attend a number of property events, as a graduate, hosted by Women in Property, and whilst these have been hugely beneficial, the vast majority of events were not accessible to my peers. I  attended MIPIM UK 2016 as part of a RICS panel and found that the panel discussions I was able to attend had a huge impact on how I viewed the property industry. This isn't something that people on the lower ranks usually get the opportunity to experience and I am passionate about being able to showcase these breakthrough and innovative topics to everyone.

I wanted to create a platform to facilitate opportunities amongst my peers, enabling us to create our own property network that we can take with us throughout our career. The connections you form as a graduate could become the next big clients in a few years. 



Rosanna Lawn

I also joined Cushman & Wakefield in September 2016. I studied BSc Real Estate Management at University of Westminster where I was appointed President of the Property Society. Our mission was simple, 'to bridge the gap between our students and the professional industry'.

As a society, we hosted interactive and fun events, giving the students the chance to network with people in the industry. This was a very important tool for our University as it has never been top choice for companies hiring graduates, therefore we saw this as a great way to broaden our name within the industry, whilst providing our students with the key skills that they may not necessarily achieve within the lecture theater. 

The Society was extremely successful and continues to be so. This highlights the power of organisations such as this and the connections that they can form.