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CREation was formed by young property professionals, for young property professionals. We want to not only maintain but strengthen this aspect of CREation by making it as interactive as possible. Obviously, this means that we need your input and this is why we’re looking to recruit some CREation ambassadors.  

CREation ambassadors will be one or possibly two people from an organisation, who will act as a direct link to CREation and help us in the following ways:

·         Promote what we’re doing. Talk, email or text to remind people what we’re up to. It’s completely up to you!

·         Try to ensure that your friends and colleagues turn up to events. If you know they’re not going to go, ask them to let us know so we can redistribute the ticket to someone else

·         Give CREation feedback. If you, your colleagues or friends have ideas for how we can improve or things that you would like to see at events or on social media, get the ideas to us and we’ll start the ball rolling to make it happen

If you think that you might like to be part of the CREation committee in the future, becoming an ambassador is a great first step. You’ll also guarantee yourself entry to all of our events.

Here are our current fantastic ambassadors:

ambassador 3.png

katie beattie

, Manchester

ambassador 2.png

eleanor robinson

, Birmingham

ambassador 1.png

George lynch,


ambassador 4.png

katherine almond

, Manchester

sadaqat 2.png

sadaqat hussain, birmingham

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